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January 2014:​ Does the fossil evidence support whale evolution from land mammals?

The large majority of American Christian youth abandon their faith while at college. A major factor contributing to this tragedy is ubiquitous and very aggressive teaching of evolutionary theory as scientific fact. Students are coercively indoctrinated to believe a series of visually persuasive iconic images - which are presented as evolutionary “facts”. The famous monkey-to-man cartoon is such an icon. One of the leading iconic “proofs” of evolution now appearing in biology textbooks is a cartoon showing a land mammal morphing into a whale. The cartoon is supposedly based upon fossil evidences that conclusively prove that whales and dolphins evolved from a wolf-like land creature. Students trust the textbook cartoons and are quickly convinced. But by God’s grace, there is strong evidence against this (and many other), evolutionary icons. Before they decide to turn away from their Maker, young people need to know that these very persuasive evolutionary visual images are misleading and are not scientifically honest. In this article we will address the alleged fossil evidence used in textbooks to support the whale evolution story.  MORE...


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