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Recommended Resources for "Digging Deeper"

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        -Genetic Entropy by Dr. John C. Sanford
A thoroughly researched book written by a former atheist and geneticist of Cornell University. Genetic Entropy demonstrates why the accumulation of slightly harmful mutations is resulting in the unstoppable deterioration of the genome – a process that is antithetical to the modern neo-Darwinian theory of evolution.
-A Scientific Critique of the Big Bang by Spike Psarris
A 108-minute DVD is hosted by former atheist Spike Psarris, who came to know the Lord while working as an engineer in the U.S. military space program. The video powerfully reveals the fundamental scientific flaws in the modern big bang theory.
-Contested Bones by Chris Rupe and Dr. John C. Sanford
Contested Bones is the result of more than four years of intense research into the primary scientific literature concerning those bones that are thought to represent transitional forms between ape and man. This book’s title reflects the surprising reality that all the famous “hominin” bones continue to be fiercely contested today—even within the field of paleoanthropology.
-Biological Information: New Perspectives 
In the spring of 2011, a diverse group of scientists gathered at Cornell University to discuss their research into the nature and origin of biological information. This symposium brought together experts in information theory, computer science, numerical simulation, thermodynamics, evolutionary theory, whole organism biology, developmental biology, molecular biology, genetics, physics, biophysics, mathematics, and linguistics. This volume presents new research by those invited to speak at the conference.


Research Associates


Upholding a High View of Science

and a High View of Scripture

Feed My Sheep Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundation. FMS was originally founded to help feed a hungry world through education and research. Although the initial research focus was agricultural biotechnology, FMS research objectives have increasingly become broader, addressing all aspects of human welfare. 

Logos Research Associates is a fellowship of scholars and scientists who faithfully hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ and all of His Word, and also faithfully hold to the scientific method and the need for scientific integrity.

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