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July 2013:​ Multiple Evidences Show Our Galaxy is Centrally Located in the Universe?

Astronomical data shows that the universe displays a striking pattern in its arrangement. Not only that, the universe may have a central position and it appears that our galaxy is at or very near it—far from what we would expect from a random, cosmic accident. Due to this and many other unresolved problems, many secular scientists are looking for alternative theories to explain the origin of the universe. Evidence that our galaxy is near the center of the universe is not compatible with big bang universe - but is remarkably consistent with the Bible. While the Bible does not require the universe to have a center, or that our galaxy must be anywhere near it, it certainly does not rule out those possibilities. In fact, the Bible indicates that humanity is at the center of God’s affections. On this basis, it makes sense for the focus of the cosmos to be on our home galaxy.   MORE...


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