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November 2013:​ Does Biological Information Arise through Darwinian Processes?

What enables a hummingbird to hover? Wings, feathers, energy from flower nectar – yes, certainly all of these are required. But even a dead hummingbird can have all these things. New developments in biology are revealing that the vital element which has so often been overlooked is active biological information. There is a massive amount of information in the hummingbird’s genome – it contains the essential specifications needed to make a hummingbird what it is, and to make it alive. But biological information is much more than just the static information stored in the genome. Life is only alive if there is active biological information continuously flowing through a labyrinth of information networks within and between cells. These networks are like an internal Internet system within every cell.


These things - information, language, information networks –can only arise by the operation of intelligence, and cannot arise by any type of mindless Darwinian trial and error process. Indeed, the latest biological research clearly reveals that life is fabulously designed, and that both hummingbirds and people are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). This is powerfully demonstrated in the new milestone scientific publication Biological Information – New Perspectives.    MORE...


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