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LATEST UPDATE!  The Other Pandemic


People are rightly concerned about the current COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people are being impacted. However, prior to COVID-19, humanity was already facing a pandemic even more devastating—impacting billions of people. Like COVID-19, this other pandemic has been spreading rapidly and is now harming every nation on the planet. This disaster is like a virus, in that it has appeared very suddenly and has swept across all the nations of the world, creating indescribable chaos and suffering in its wake. Unlike COVID-19, very few people are aware of this other pandemic. The other pandemic is not a natural disaster—it is a man-made tragedy. It stems from the consequences of the sexual revolution and the new “anything-goes” sexuality. It is the Sexual Holocaust. Year in and year out, the sexual holocaust is creating billions of victims.


Billions? Yes, we are talking about billions of sexual holocaust victims. In this generation, over a billion people have become addicted to pornography. During this time, over a billion people have been infected with one or more sexually-transmitted diseases. Likewise, there have been over a billion people who have been sexually used or abused. During this time, over a billion in utero lives have been aborted. During this time over a billion people have been emotionally devastated. There have been over a billion broken marriages and families in our generation. Almost every family on the planet now includes one or more individuals who are victims of the sexual holocaust. We are talking about a humanitarian crisis of the highest conceivable magnitude. Much (perhaps most) of humanity is now being seriously harmed by the sexual holocaust.


The short book, The Sexual Holocaust: A Global Crisis, is an overview which describes the harmful consequences of the sexual revolution and zooms out to discover the incredible magnitude of this disaster. The complete book can be downloaded at The Sexual Holocaust: A Global Crisis was written for the broadest possible audience. We seek to warn all people, including Muslims, Jews, and atheists. As with COVID-19, we have an obligation to warn everybody of this rapidly escalating tragedy. Even as we try to reach the broadest audience possible, as Christian authors we still feel compelled to introduce the essential spiritual dimension to the sexual holocaust. Therefore, we show how anything-goes sexuality is harming humanity on every level—physical, emotional, social, and also spiritual.


We urge Christian readers to examine Ezekiel 33:1-11 and Revelation, chapters 17 and 18, to better understand the urgency of what is now unfolding. This issue is too big for any one of us—let us all pray that many Christian pastors, counselors, psychologists, physicians, educators, authors, politicians, officials, parents, and victims come together to sound the warning and begin the healing.  LEARN MORE...

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